Detroit Lions Rebuild: Some Observations

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Teryl Austin Will Be Considered for Head Coach, but Probably Won’t be Hired

I’ve been a fan of Teryl Austin since before his time with the Detroit Lions, and have written about him several times on this site. Understand that this present observation doesn’t come from fandom, but is just looking at the present situation and where he stands in the Detroit Lions rebuilding process.  He’s a very good coach, and he’ll get consideration at head coach for the Detroit Lions soon-to-be-vacated position. He just probably won’t get it.

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Teryl Austin has already interviewed with Ernie Accorsi before, and reports were that he impressed in his interview (as he did in all of his 2015 interviews).  While it would surely help his case to get a few wins as the interim head coach of the Lions when Caldwell is fired, it ultimately will mean very little since the season is lost and there isn’t much he can do to change any impressions this late in the game.

I’m convinced he’ll be a head coach somewhere in 2016, but I’m doubtful he’ll be here in Detroit.  Don’t get me wrong, as a fan I’d be ecstatic, I just don’t think it’s likely.  A big reason Teryl Austin isn’t already a head coach was that in 2015 he was touting a first time offensive coordinator and first time defensive coordinator to be his running mates.  He probably won’t make that same call (Jim Bob Cooter may even follow him, having put up good tape), but I’m doubtful Ernie Accorsi and company would hire a first time head coach for the Detroit Lions rebuilding process.  No, we’re not getting any of ‘those‘ guys either, but the team is likely to bring in someone with an established record either as a coordinator at the pro level or as a head coach from the college ranks with fresh perspective.

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