Five Head Coaching Candidates the Detroit Lions should avoid

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Barring something as miraculous as a eight game winning streak and a playoff berth, The Lions will assuredly be searching for a new head coach come January. At this point, even that miracle would probably not cool down Jim Caldwell’s seat. The second biggest question after who will be the new GM, is who will take over for Jim Caldwell and the entire Detroit Lions coaching staff that’s expected to be gone.

Popular names right now include Hue Jackson, Brian Billick, David Shaw and John Harbaugh. While those would be fine options to take over the Lions, there are a large group of names that continue to pop up that the Lions should do everything they can to avoid. From Jon Grudan to even Peyton Manning, there’s no shortage of bad ideas that have been popping up in the rumor mills or on social media.

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Today I would like to address five head coaching options the Lions should do everything they can to stay away from. Let’s start out with one that popped up for the first tie last night.

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