Detroit Lions Rebuild: Some Observations

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Sheldon White and Brian Xanders Will not Be Part of the Detroit Lions Rebuild

Brian Xanders is a name many fans know due to the Detroit Lions 2013 draft class.  That class, as most remember, gave the team such players as Ezekiel Ansah and Darius Slay, both of whom are top 5 at their position in 2015.  It also gave the team Larry Warford, Devin Taylor, Theo Riddick, and two undrafted free agents that impacted the team positively in 2013, Joseph Fauria and LaAdrian Waddle.  As an outsider, he quickly became a favorite among fans, who were still jaded with Martin Mayhew as a Matt Millen lackey.

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Sheldon White was far more low-key, but had a larger effect on the organization as a whole.  He labored to bring in guys like Glover Quin, who wasn’t a highly touted free agent at the time. He also identified talented late career guys like Rashean Mathis, who played strong football for two seasons before age caught up to him in 2015.  Diamond in the rough, overlooked players like George Johnson can also be claimed by the long time Lions staffer.

Neither, it would seem, are going to be with the Detroit Lions in 2016 and beyond.  The team has made it clear that they’re searching for a general manager that comes from a winning organization, and with Ernie Accorsi leading the charge for the team’s search it’s pretty much assured that neither will fit the bare minimum requirements for a long-term hire.  It’s possible, but highly improbable that either are even given consideration for their previous/present jobs, with both likely to command interest on the open market.  It’s a parting that is only a matter of time.  Despite the qualifications that both possess, the Detroit Lions will not bring in an internal hire under Martha Ford and new power player Sheila Ford.  The Detroit Lions will be replacing not only a general manager, but their Director of Player Personnel and Senior Personnel Executive.

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