Jared Goff stat correction somehow impacted plenty of Week 14 fantasy football matchups

An NFL stat correction for Lions quarterback Jared Goff in Week 14 actually impacted a lot of fantasy football results, but it could have and should have been avoided.
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Jared Goff is what you'd expect he'd be as a fantasy football quarterback, and paying attention to certain circumstances will make an analyst right more often than not. He defied the road. outdoor thing once this season, which the Lions' social media team was sure to remind someone.

But in Week 14 against the Chicago Bears, Goff's fantasy managers were not going to start him, right? On the precipice of the fantasy playoffs, the upside was non-existent and the floor was low.

So it was no surprise Goff delivered less than nine fantasy points in Week 14, regardless of how your league specifically demerits turnovers.

It would be nice if the NFL issued fantasy pertinent stat corrections sooner than they do. On Wednesday, this one came regarding last Sunday's fumbled exchange between Goff and center Graham Glasgow.

In many leagues, a lost fumble is -2 points. In Week 14, that kind of change for the right player can impact fantasy playoff spots, seeds, etc in the final week of the regular season. But with Goff, it shouldn't have changed many fantasy football results....ok, maybe in two-quarterback leagues where he might have been started as a QB2.

Fumble credited to Jared Goff had bigger fantasy football implications than it should have

The replies to Pelissero's tweet show plenty of Week 14 fantasy matchups shifting on Goff losing two points for a lost fumble. That's unfortunate, and it shows just how many of his fantasy managers had him starting. A Reddit thread shows much of the same, albeit with some tone where it didn't impact a fantasy result at all.

An all-time bad beat?

Those who took Goff in a fantasy draft knew what they were getting, and those who had him rostered during the season knew what they had. Starting him in any given week invites downside, and upside that can't be counted on. That was never more true than in Week 14, and he should have been benched in fantasy based on how he's been playing lately. An important week on the fantasy schedule only added to the "bench him" sentiment.

It's easy to feel sorry for Goff's fantasy owners who lost a playoff spot based on the stat correction that gave him a fumble. But it's also easy not to feel sorry for them at all, since starting him when you needed a win to get in to the playoffs was a risk and the outcome should have been easy to avoid by simply having the Lions' signal caller on the bench.

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