Fantasy football 2023 season review: Jared Goff delivered pretty much as expected

Jared Goff had an excellent season in 2023, but how did it measure up in fantasy football terms?
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Those who took Jared Goff in fantasy football draft last summer knew what they were getting. Essentially, if possible, play him at home in a good matchup and make sure you have a better option otherwise.

Yes, Goff defied the home-road split thing once. So much so that the Lions' social media team called it out. But otherwise, it held up.

When it was all said and done, Goff finished as QB8 in fantasy this year (through Week 17). When taking into account how little he adds with his legs, though he did have two rushing touchdowns, that's pretty impressive.

Let's take a week-by-week look at Goff's 2023 fantasy season, with his ranking each week (four points per passing touchdown, one point for every 25 passing yards, -2 points for an interception, etc.).

Lions QB Jared Goff: 2023 fantasy football season review

Week 1: QB18
Week 2: QB6
Week 3: QB14
Week 4: QB21
Week 5: QB4
Week 6: QB4
Week 7: QB24
Week 8: QB20
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: QB8
Week 11: QB16
Week 12 QB11
Week 13: QB14
Week 14: QB25
Week 15: QB1
Week 16: QB23
Week 17: QB24

Week 18: QB6

As could have been expected, it was quite a boom-or-bust roller coaster fantasy-wise for Goff. Five top-10 finishes (six counting Week 18, if you must), with three of them coming by Week 6. Six finishes as QB20 or worse, with two more outside the top-15. Only three times did he land between QB10-15.

Looking at Fantasy Pros' "Boom-Bust Report" for Week 1-17, it's not shocking to see Goff with a top-10 bust rate (44 percent) among quarterbacks who started at least 10 games.

During the fantasy playoffs (Week 14-17), Goff had his worst stretch even with that QB1 finish in Week 15. Then again that was a predictable week to start him, at home in a good matchup against the Denver Broncos. The other three in that stretch were on the road, though two were indoors.

Simply playing every game helped Goff's fantasy standing a lot this season. His fantasy managers could bank on a fairly safe floor, even if it only landed him in QB2 range, as he failed to reach 12 fantasy points just twice.

The good news for Goff looking to 2024 is the return of offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. The Lions' offense also has very few starters who will be free agents. So it should be more of the same next year, for better or worse in the fantasy football realm.

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