Which jerseys are the Detroit Lions wearing in Week 18 vs. Minnesota Vikings?

As the Detroit Lions end the regular season at home in Week 18, what jerseys will they be wearing against the Minnesota Vikings?

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Before this season, the Detroit Lions revealed an alternate helmet to celebrate the franchise's 90th season in the Motor City. A whole new alternate uniform isn't coming until later this year, assuming it comes, in time for next season.

The blue helmet with the throwback logo has some detractors, but overall it's cool. It's clearly thrown off-kilter by the pairing with the all-grey alternate uniform, which the Lions have had since 2017 as their alternate uniform. The Lions wore the combination once earlier in the season, for the Week 8 Monday night game against the Las Vegas Raiders, and for many fans it would be fine it that's the only time it's worn before a new alternate uniform is presumably revealed heading into next season.

The all-greys need to go away, and never come back. And the sooner, the better. Ugly isn't a big enough word to describe them. Some people say they look like pajamas, and frankly they aren't a very flattering look for some players.

What jerseys are the Detroit Lions wearing in Week 18 vs. Vikings?

The team has yet to make the announcement officially, but it will come. Paul Lukas of Uni Watch and Gridiron Uniforms.com have both revealed the Lions will wear their grey jerseys and pants with the blue alternate helmet in Week 18 against the Minnesota Vikings.

On Saturday, the Lions confirmed their Week 18 uniform combination.

Lukas expressed the sentiment of the masses about the Lions' all-grey alternate uniforms.

"There have been lots of hints that the Lions will have new uniforms for 2024. If so, Sunday’s game could be the swan song for the grey alternate — and not a moment too soon. Scrapping the grey would be a textbook case of addition by subtraction, plus it would free up the blue helmet to be paired with a more appropriate alternate uni."

So the Lions' all-grey alternate uniforms aren't going away just yet. One more game, then they should be done (wearing them in the Wild Card Round feels unlikely), never to be worn again.

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