Detroit Lions embrace a new era and their history at the same time with alternate helmet

After the teases on Tuesday, we now know what the Detroit Lions alternate helmet will look like.
Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions teased the reveal of an alternate helmet for the coming season. Multiple teases on Twitter leading up to the Wednesday unveiling carried an "enough already, just show it" vibe.

The theories about what the Lions alternate helmet would look like were out there, and many made sense. Fans, and even some analysts, clamored for their favorite possibility.

At the stroke of noon ET on Wednesday, as promised in the morning, the Lions revealed their alternate helmet for their 90th season in 2023.

Detroit Lions alternate helmet is a sweet mix of old and new

The Lions have worn nothing but silver helmets since 1955, the last year they wore a blue helmet. The logo on these new blue helmets is an alternate logo from the 1960s.

The team's first Twitter tease using a car proved to be foreshadowing. The logo on the helmets is a spinoff of the Ford Mustang emblem, with racing stripes behind it.

Alternate helmets have to be used with alternate uniform. For the Lions those alternate uniforms include a throwback and an all-gray set up. So they'll be used for a few games this season.

According to Justin Rogers of The Detroit News and since confirmed by the team, the Lions plan to debut the new helmet Week 7, Oct. 30 against the Las Vegas Raiders for Monday Night Football at home. The Week 18 regular season finale will be another game they'll wear them, at home against the Minnesota Vikings.

Thanksgiving Day against the Green Bay Packers is a presumed landing spot for a third time,
the maximum allowed by the NFL in the same season, for the Lions to wear alternate uniforms with the new helmet.

Lions team reporter Dannie Rogers revealed what jersey the Lions will weare their alternate helmet with.

More photos of the Lions' alternate helmet, with Aidan Hutchinson modeling it, can be seen here.