Proposed trade fit for Detroit Lions offers dip back into the 'Patriot Way'

A recent proposed trade fit offers the Lions a possible dip back into the proverbial "Patriot Way."

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For less than three seasons, which still feels like it was much longer, Matt Patricia tried to bring the "Patriot Way" to Detroit in his role as the Lions' head coach. The problem was he is not Bill Belichick, and had nothing to base his own operation on--which is the core of why many of Belichick's assistants have failed as head coaches.

Mere mention of Patricia and the "Patriot Way" still makes Lions' fans cringe, as it should (at least when mentioning Patricia). But that should not color any perception of the present, or drive narratives based on only those things.

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports recently listed 12 players who could be shopped before NFL roster cuts, with possible team suitors for each.

For New England Patriots defensive tackle Lawrence Guy, Benjamin named the Lions as a potential suitor.

"Defense is the name of the game in New England, so dealing a mainstay in the trenches would be illogical if it weren't for the promising arrival of second-rounder Keion White, a preseason darling. At 33 and reportedly seeking a new deal since the start of camp, Guy could provide Bill Belichick another opportunity to split with a player too early rather than too late."

Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

Detroit Lions trade rumors: Would Lawrence Guy be a fit at all?

Guy, 33, is entering his 12th NFL season and his seventh with the Patriots. He has started 91 of the 93 games he has played for New England over the last six campaigns. He has mostly played defensive tackle over the course of his career, but with some significant snaps as a defensive end.

If the Lions interior defensive line lacks something, as the 53-man roster is honed in on heading into the season, it is definitely experience. Nine-year vet Christian Covington is unlikely to make the cut, and no one else is currently more than entering their third season.

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The question is do the Lions really need to consider making a deal for Guy (or someone of his general ilk)? Someone with lots of experience and a Super Bowl ring can be nice to add to your team, but he's not a game-changer for a defense that looks to be vastly improved this year.