Former NFL GM says Sheila Ford Hamp deserves more credit for reviving Lions

Former NFL general manager Scott Pioli wants to shine light on owner Sheila Ford Hamp's role in the Detroit Lions' revival.
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For decades, there's been a perception the Detroit Lions' ownership being among the worst in the NFL. That clearly is no longer the case.

In Sheila Ford Hamp, the Lions have a leader who has invested in change and has helped set the franchise up to have sustained success. With that bearing fruit now, former NFL executive Scott Pioli wants to

During his typical Tuesday appearance on "Good Morning Football" this week, Pioli was asked his thoughts about Detroit's revival.

"There's one other person at the Lions that is not getting enough credit and is not being talked about. That quite honestly is Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp. I think I have an idea why she doen't get enough credit, but she deserves a ton of credit for a number of things. She hired Brad (Holmes). She hired Dan Campbell. She also had the EQ to get rid of Matthew Stafford at the right time because it was best for Stafford and it was best for the team. This was a franchise that was struggling in a lot of ways. In June 2020, she comes in and takes over as principal owner and chairperson and a ton has changed. She has been the driving force behind this organization. There is another person who deserves a lot of credit for the Lions' success."

Through the years, the Ford family has taken heat for the Lions' ineptitude. As Pioli said, it's only fair for ownership to now receive credit.

Scott Pioli praises Brad Holmes' work rebuilding the Lions

As a former executive, Pioli understands the role a talent evaluator has in an organization. He sees the Lions excelling because Brad Holmes has strived to build the team in concert with Dan Campbell.

"I think Brad Holmes has done a great job. I think Dan Campbell has done a great job. To me, Brad Holmes has done a job that doesn't get a lot of attention. He has built this team in the image of his head coach. That's a GM or personnel director's job, to bring in the players that fit the head coach. They've had successful drafts, they've done smart free agent aquisitions. But here's the other thing, they've brought in the right players to develop within the system."

Ford Hamp was the first to put those elements into place for the Lions, which should earn her more acknowledgement.


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