Former Lions DT Demetrius Taylor suspended for violating NFL gambling policy

The identity of the fifth 2022 Detroit Lions player under scrutiny from the NFL gambling policy has been made public.
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The identity of the fifth Detroit Lions player from the 2022 roster who violated the NFL's gambling policy has been revealed to be Demetrius Taylor.

On April, headlined of course by Jameson Williams, four players from the 2022 Detroit Lions roste weree suspended for violating the NFL's gambling policy.

About a month later, Kalyn Kahler of The Athletic reported a fifth player on the Lions 2022 roster was under investigation for violating the gambling policy.An important aspect was that said player was not a prominent player on last year's team, and it was fairly likely that player was not even on the team anymore.

A report on Wednesday from ESPN's Adam Schefter all but confirmed the identity of the fifth 2022 Lions' player who violated the gambling policy would be revealed before the week was over.

On Thursday, former Lions defensive tackle Demetrius Taylor was among three players suspended throught at least the 2023 season for violating the NFL's gambling policy. The indefinite ban means Taylor was found to have bet on NFL games.

Former Lion Demetrius Taylor suspended indefinitely for violating NFL gambling policy

The Lions signed Taylor as an undrafted rookie out of Appalachian State in 2022. He made the 53-man roster out of training camp, but played in just one game before being waived and spending the rest of the season on the practice squad. He was waived in May, just before Lions' rookie minicamp.

It's clear the Lions had an education problem regarding the NFL's gambling policy, and the league itself has practically acknowledged the same. The rules have been pointed to as unclear and vage, especially after the league made a show of revealing finer details last week.

But there's a common sense element some have wanted to ignore. Betting on NFL games as an NFL player should easily be considered a no-no. And yet, seven of 10 player suspended have bet on NFL games. Williams was not one, perhaps by accident more than intention.

For all practical purposes, this suspension will end Taylor's NFL career--before it even really started.