Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 5

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Stock Down: Team Morale

I’m not buying into Jason Cole’s report from BR that Jim Caldwell has lost the Detroit Lions locker room.  While I obviously respect his opinion I don’t buy that Golden Tate is out of touch with the fans, or disgruntled, despite some even on this site who were taken aback by Tate’s comments (And you should absolutely read our own Randy Glisson speak to that topic).

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Even taking that into account, this team is in big trouble.  Their “Leadership Council” of nine players (Including Calvin and Stafford, Tulloch, others) hasn’t done enough to get these players to pull their heads out of their collective asses and play some decent football.  The coaching has been bad, but the players aren’t pulling their weight either and it’s blatantly obvious some of them realize this.

It took Josh Bynes speaking up post game for the media to fully take notice, but this has been building for some time.  The team is talking once again about bringing together their player only meetings, and I can only imagine how many players will be called out by their teammates for sloppy play and flat out giving up. It says a lot about a team’s overall morale when they have to call a meeting just to discuss how bad it is.  Team record will tell you how bad it is, guys.  Fix it.

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