Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 5

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Stock Report:  Quick Hits

Stock Up:

Lance Moore:  He had a missed block, but otherwise this was the Lance Moore fans were told we were getting, much better than the Lance Moore we’ve been getting the last four weeks.
Riley Reiff: For the second week in a row, Reiff had a good day.  Wasn’t great, but overall good.
Joe Lombardi: Don’t mistake this for saying he called a good game. I prefaced it last week as well, but it’s worth noting that the playcalling wasn’t the primary reason the offense stunk against Arizona.
Corey FullerPrior to this week, Fuller had done nothing.  He made both of the best catches for the Lions offense, though one was wiped out by penalty.  Can he bring more of that each week?
Daryl Tapp: His solid play is worth mentioning.  Lions lost contain several times, but Tapp was solid while others played poorly.
Ezekiel AnsahHe keeps getting better.  This should scare more people.

Stock Down: 

Laken Tomlinson:  As much promise as he showed last week, Tomlinson was a walking mistake this week.
Caruan Reid: He got his first start, hooray!  It didn’t go well.  Reid still has a long way to go.
Gabe Wright: Like Reid, Wright has some distance between where he is now and where we want him.
Stephen Tulloch: My guy wasn’t good against the Cardinals, and showed once again why you can’t trust him to cover anything that isn’t underneath.
Golden Tate: Tate led the team in yards, but he had better after being targeted 18 times (only nabbed 8).
Ameer Abdullah: Probably deserved his own slide, but I’m leaving him here since he’ll likely get his own article for as bad as his stock dropped.
Glover Quin: Love me some Quin, but he blew coverage on one TD and was out of position on others.  Not his best day.
Isa Abdul Quddus: If you want to get more playing time, don’t blow coverage completely while covering from the slot, showing no effort at all.  One of the guys who seemed to mail it in.
Rashean Mathis: When he wasn’t out of position, he was missing tackles.  Normally solid at worst, Mathis’ worst has been dowgraded to really bad.
Dan Orlovsky: Orlovsky isn’t good.  We knew that, but I’m putting him here anyway just as a reminder.
Kyle Van Noy: You may not have seen him, since he was on the bench, but being there instead of dressed on game day while multiple UDFA are ahead of you is a very bad thing.

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