Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 5

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Stock Down: DeAndre Levy

Levy didn’t play all that well against Arizona, though he had moments that reminded you of how great he is.  That’s to be expected coming back from an injury, but therein lies the problem.  It seems he came back from his hip injury too soon, as he injured it again leading to another string of bench riding.  The team is even talking about potentially shutting him down for the season to protect their investment, and frankly I couldn’t blame them.

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DeAndre Levy is the type of linebacker you can build a defense around and it’s been clear Teryl Austin was missing him up to this point and was glad to have him back.  Levy went down and we were back to seeing Stephen Tulloch trying to cover a TE (Or, well, literally anyone) up the seam which went about as well as you’d expect.

I like Josh Bynes.  I like Stephen Tulloch (He’s my favorite player).  I even like Travis Lewis.  I won’t pretend their flaws aren’t constantly on display every game, however, and getting DeAndre Levy back was supposed to be that step that brought the defense back into focus.  It did.  Far too briefly.

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