Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 5

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Stock Up: Brandon Pettigrew

He’s alive!  Brandon Pettigrew netted himself only 10 catches in 2014, and that was probably 10 targets too many for how he was playing.  The offensive line was so bad that Pettigrew became OL6 rather than an actual tight end.  It was expected he would continue that role, what with the line working like a sieve this season, but he ran out on routes, made nice catches, and fought for yardage.

There isn’t really much to add to that.  With Eric Ebron sidelined with injury and Tim Wright practially worthless as a blocker, we’re going to continue to see plenty of Pettigrew until Ebron is healthy, and even then we’ll still see a ton of the big guy.  Pettigrew’s blocking wasn’t great in 2014, to go along with the trend of the rest of the linemen, but he didn’t look bad this week and that’s hopefully a trend.

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