2015 Detroit Lions: A Slappy’s Guide

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They can’t Possibly be Worse on Special Teams than 2014

It really is impossible for the team to be as dreadful as they were last season.  Nate Freese is gone, Alex Henery nearly ended up sharing a team with Jim Schwartz (Justice!), and Matt Prater returned after he finished strong last year.  Prater looked fantastic in camp, not good but great, and aside from an extra point that dinged off a goal post was perfect in the preseason.

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Sam Martin

is still one of the best young punters in the league and there’s a good chance he cements himself as the best in the league in 2015.  The coverage units are going to have to help him out more than they have been, but his strength is hang time which can mitigate that coverage issue somewhat.

Returner is the only real question mark, but with Jeremy Ross gone it’s difficult to see a season as poor replicated.  TJ Jones took over that position with a strong preseason, and if he isn’t the answer the Detroit Lions can roll with rookie Ameer Abdullah or Golden Tate if they have to at returner, meaning they aren’t just stuck with Captain Fair Catch.

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