2015 Detroit Lions: A Slappy’s Guide

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The Schedule Isn’t Going to be as Hard as they Say

We hear about the “Strength of Schedule” every season.  In all my years of covering the Detroit Lions and the league, I’ve learned one thing about SOS.  It’s only good for telling you how tough last year was.  Every year we see teams go from worst to first and the reverse.  When I hear teams talking about how tough their schedule is going to be, I look no further than our very own Lions.  By SoS they should have been a cupcake team to face in 2014.  How’d that work out?

Also notable with the schedule are their two division rivals.  Green Bay is always tough due to a strong coach and a great quarterback.  What have they really done to improve, however?  They lost their top receiving target, they still don’t have an answer at the tight end position, and part of what made Randall Cobb so good (Besides not being banged up himself) was the favorable coverages he got because of Nelson.  That defense still looks vulnerable, and the cracks are appearing in the offense as well.

The Vikings have a 2nd year head coach, like the Lions, and a dang good one.  They have a promising young quarterback with some weapons.  What they don’t have is an offensive line.  Matt Kalil is presently their best offensive lineman after putting John Sullivan on STIR, and that’s not a good sign for Teddy Bridgewater or Adrian Peterson.  There’s a lot that’s just assumed with this Vikings squad, including Bridgewater taking that step forward (hard to do with no time to throw) and an AP resurgence.  I’m not convinced with either of these division rivals.

As to the Bears, I’m just going to quote Sports Illustrated in their divisional rankings and say “They are also a team that plays in this division.”

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