2015 Detroit Lions: A Cynic’s View

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Same OC, Same QB, Same Results

Look, we all know this team can’t do any real winning with Matthew Stafford at the helm.  He simply hasn’t gotten better at any stage of his career, so why should we expect him to now?  Matthew Stafford has only gotten worse and worse since the fluke 2011 season.  You think this team can get by with a QB who throws only about 20 TD passes?  I doubt it.

I guess if he had a good coach or offensive coordinator to help him improve we could hope to finally see that step forward on offense.  Instead, we get stuck with Joe Lombardi-In-Name-Only and some guy named Jim Bob.  Lombardi was so creative with the play calling in Detroit that New Orleans’ QB, Drew Brees (an actual NFL quarterback, unlike some number 9s) said that he could identify “100% of the plays” Detroit was running.  Way to put your stamp on it, Joe.

Without an improved Matt Stafford and Joe Lombardi, the Detroit Lions may as well mail it in.  They aren’t winning any games this year with that tandem. Throw in a run game that’s one carry away from a fumble, but 10 yards away from a 1st down as well as another failed first round pick and this team is relying on its defense.  That defense lost its best player and two of his linemates. Looks like another “Perfect Season” is brewing.


I’m sure many of you disagree with Hater Steve’s prediction for the season.  Each of his reasons have been cited as why the Detroit Lions will not be a winning team this season, however, and they aren’t even the full extent of it.  A brutal schedule, an improved GB and Minnesota, injuries to major players, awful special teams play, as well as the mistaken thought that the Detroit Lions secondary was less than stellar also made the cut in the national media.  What do you think the Detroit Lions record will be?  Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MathBomb

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