2015 Detroit Lions: A Cynic’s View

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No Really, That Defense is going to be BAD

It’s bad enough they lost Ndamukong Suh.  The team let Nick Fairley go as well.  He was snapped up in a heartbeat by the Rams, who will have him wrecking QBs from week one on.  Sure, Fairley missed some games, but the Lions replaced him with some nobody from the Saints who couldn’t even keep him on their putrid roster.  We’re supposed to expect that guy to take over for Fairley, and not only take over for Fairley but take over for him with no Suh to draw blockers?  Yeah, okay.

Making matters worse, the team let CJ Mosley walk as well.  Mosley wasn’t a starter here, but he could be this season.  Without Mosley in the rotation, the team is left to rely on 4th round mini-DT Caraun Reid or “4th round talent they spent a 3rd rounder on” Gabe Wright.  One is injured and the other looked like a lost puppy dog in the preseason.  This defense won’t survive with that gaping hole in the middle.  Fans were even happy, elated that the team kept a journeyman cast off who couldn’t keep a job anywhere he went.  Expectations are that low.

Add that to a growing list of concerns for the pass rush, who has nobody outside of Ziggy Ansah to rely on.  2014 4th round pick Larry Webster was cut because, well, he sucked, but he was expected to own that outside spot.  Instead, we’re still stuck with Jason Jones, our lowest rated defender in 2014.  Behind him we have Devin Taylor, who seems more concerned about his shoes and hair than rushing the passer, long in the tooth vet Daryl Tapp, and CFL cast-off Philip Hunt.  That’s not exactly a great supporting cast.  Defense aside, this team is really doomed because…

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