NFL Power Rankings: Packers, Colts Top List


You’d think there would be some serious shuffling in the power rankings with the endless rash of injuries that have rolled through NFL Training Camps and preseason practices this year. Having a great QB can whitewash some of the issues that arise from losing a top wideout, offensive tackle, or edge rusher. You’ll do well to keep that in mind when looking over this list.

So without further ado, let’s see how all 32 teams stack up heading into Week 1.

Previous: . Green Bay Packers. 1. team. 49. Aaron Rodgers is the best in the game regardless of the dearth of talent at WR he’ll be throwing to.. (0-0)

(0-0). Previous: . Indianapolis Colts. 2. team. 46. Andrew Luck is pretty close to the next best QB in the league and now he has toys to play with.

3. team. 36. Despite their rivals’ best efforts, the Seahawks are still the cream of the NFC West and the playoffs are a certainty.. (0-0). Previous: . Seattle Seahawks

Previous: . New England Patriots. 4. team. 47. Despite Deflategate and the whole mess that ESPN dropped in our laps the other day, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will have the Patriots back in the playoffs.. (0-0)

(0-0). Previous: . Philadelphia Eagles. 5. team. 54. Chip Kelly has made a lot of head scratching moves this offseason, but there’s excitement in Philly that the Eagles could unseat Dallas for the NFC East thanks to back-to-back 10 win seasons.

team. 45. The Broncos should be good. They should contend. They should also think about what to do after Manning hangs it up.. (0-0). Previous: . Denver Broncos. 6

Jerry’s boys are expected to take a step backward this year after losing Orlando Scandrick to injury and letting DeMarco Murray walk in Free Agency. With Romo, Bryant, and the offensive line, I don’t think they will.. (0-0). Previous: . Dallas Cowboys. 7. team. 123

13. With a dynamic running back, the Chargers offense is poised to be as balanced as its been since LT was suiting up. Can the defense hold serve?. (0-0). Previous: . San Diego Chargers. 8. team

50. “Suh and Fairley, Suh and Fairley, Suh and Fairley.” Expectations have ranged from a 4-12 season to Super Bowl champs. Expect the defense to take a step backward and the offense to take a step or two forward.. (0-0). Previous: . Detroit Lions. 9. team

Previous: . Miami Dolphins. 10. team. 59. Do I think the Dolphins will win the AFC East? No. Do I think the Patriots may feel them nipping at their heels in December? Absolutely.. (0-0)

team. 26. Is Joe Flacco elite? Justin Forsett could be in Marc Trestman’s new offense.. (0-0). Previous: . Baltimore Ravens. 11

Previous: . New Orleans Saints. 12. team. 15. No Jimmy Graham means Brees will have to find new ways into the end zone. If his rag tag group of WRs can produce, the NFC South could be theirs.. (0-0)

Minnesota Vikings. 13. team. 60. Apparently everybody thinks Teddy Bridgewater is a top 5 QB now. He’s not. But he will be better in his second season and the Vikings get Peterson back. Keep an eye out, 10 wins is a possibility.. (0-0). Previous:

14. team. 55. Big Ben and Le’Veon Bell make me think the Steelers are playoff bound, but that defense is scary and not in a good way.. (0-0). Previous: . Pittsburgh Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals. 15. team. 56. Andy Dalton will keep this team comfortably in this slot for most of the season. I wouldn’t expect much movement Bengals fans.. (0-0). Previous:

Previous: . Atlanta Falcons. 16. team. 44. If anyone’s going to win the NFC South, why not Atlanta? Injuries along the offensive line last year really derailed any chance they had at postseason play. Here’s hoping they can stay healthy this year.. (0-0)

(0-0). Previous: . Arizona Cardinals. 17. team. 32. This may be a little low for an Arians coached 11 win team, but Carson Palmer is a whole lot closer to Peyton Manning’s age than he is his talent level. Oh yeah, and the Cards were +11 in point differential last year.

(0-0). Previous: . Houston Texans. 18. team. 10. The JJ Watt show and the rest of a really exciting defense will get the Texans to 6 or 7 wins. I doubt the QB play gets them any more than that.

(0-0). Previous: . Carolina Panthers. 19. team. 87. Unlike the Texans, who have talent just about everywhere but QB, the Panthers have a great talent at QB and just about none around him, Despite the offense, the defense has a few stars that can shine.

Previous: . St. Louis Rams. 20. team. 51. The Rams are the Texans 2.0 and coached by Jeff Fisher.. (0-0)

Anyone sick of the old man yelling at the sky and shaking his fist? My guess is Coughlin will be done after a subpar finish in the big apple.. (0-0). Previous: . New York Giants. 21. team. 31

124. Jamaal Charles is great. Maclin is a really nice addition. The Chiefs have a good defense. The Chiefs have Alex Smith.. (0-0). Previous: . Kansas City Chiefs. 22. team

Chicago Bears. 23. team. 57. Poor Bears. Everyone seems so down on them. They aren’t going to be bad, but it’s not like Chicago is devoid of talent.. (0-0). Previous:

24. team. 28. With so much fresh talent, Raiders fans have a lot to be excited about.. (0-0). Previous: . Oakland Raiders

(0-0). Previous: . Buffalo Bills. 25. team. 16. Rex Ryan’s traveling circus and good will tour has been off to a great start. Here’s hoping Bills fans remember how much fun he is in the offseason when the offense averages 16 points a game.

Todd Bowles has all the ability to be a great coach and his defense will show that this year. It’s a shame he has to start his tenure with the offense he’ll have to trudge out there though.. (0-0). Previous: . New York Jets. 26. team. 30

Previous: . San Francisco 49ers. 27. team. 42. Everyone’s gone and I wouldn’t blame the fans for quitting too after the 49ers start 2-6.. (0-0)

team. 52. The Jags will have a perfectly respectable defense this year and that’s without 1st rounder Dante Fowler Jr. The Jags offense will have to rely on a rebuilt offensive line and Blake Bortles. 6 wins is probably their ceiling.. (0-0). Previous: . Jacksonville Jaguars. 28

35. Mariota has looked good this preseason. He’ll have to be phenomenal to get this team above .500.. (0-0). Previous: . Tennessee Titans. 29. team

The Bucs have some weapons on offense, but the defense has question marks and I’m not sure if Winston will throw more TDs than INTs.. (0-0). Previous: . Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 30. team. 48

team. 53. <p>If the Browns had a good QB, they’d be able to field a solid unit this year. Keep your fingers crossed that Manziel can be that.</p><p>*looks down*</p><p>*is standing in front of a vast landscape of Cleveland QB tombstones*</p>. (0-0). Previous: . Cleveland Browns. 31

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