Sirius XM NFL’s Jim Miller picks Detroit Lions to win Super Bowl


You see it everywhere these days. NFL predictions have become something of an epidemic in the past few years. Typically the Detroit Lions fall off the radar in these scenarios until recently. Writers like Sports Illustrated’s Peter King have changed their tune on the Detroit Lions in the sense that they believe the Lions could not only be a great team, but a much better team in 2015 than they were in 2014.

On Monday Sirius XM NFL’s Jim Miller saw those predictions, raised the bet and went all in.

Wow! This has to be your first response right? Mine too. In the past two or three years it hasn’t been uncommon to see a member of the media predict the Lions to win the NFC North. But it’s certainly a rarity to see someone pick the Lions to win the Super Bowl. Is it that crazy?

When you get past the ignorant it’s the Detroit Lions argument, and understand that the loss of one major player doesn’t drive a team into peril, it’s easy to see that this Detroit Lions team is a very deep and talented team. I myself believed that there was a chance that the Lions could look good in 2015, but I had my reserves until I attended training camp and saw what this team is capable of. The Lions first team’s performance in the preseason furthered my thoughts on what this team could do. This is why I gave the Lions a favorable review in my season predictions.

Jim Miller and his broadcast partner Pat Kirwin also attended camp and walked away with the same outlook on the Detroit Lions as Peter King and I had.

As you can see in the video Jim Miller isn’t alone in his thoughts as Pat Kirwin also believes the Detroit Lions will be a better team than they were in 2014. He also notes what many in the mainstream media can’t understand. Nick Fairley is no loss. It’s clear at this point that the Detroit Lions are turning some heads in the prognosticators department. The Detroit Lions and their fans could be in for one fun season.

Having said all that, I myself am not ready to write that big of a check just yet. While I agree that this is the deepest team the Detroit Lions have had in some time, maybe ever, I have to see the Lions put it all together. They open up the 2015 season with a few huge tests in Seattle, Denver and San Diego. Lions fans should learn in these games what this team is capable of doing in 2015. I do believe this team heads back to the playoffs and likely wins a game, and the Super Bowl isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but a lot would have to go right for the Lions to pull off the big one.

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