Its Time To See What Kellen Moore Has Got


There is no more polarizing a figure on the Detroit Lions than Kellen Moore. Since the Boise State Alum was drafted in 2011 he has attracted quite a following, some of whom think he should have the chance to start.

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Now I won’t go as far as to say Kellen Moore should be the Detroit Lions starting quarterback but I do think its time to see if Kellen Moore has what it takes to play in the league. The only logical way to accomplish this is to put him in the back-up role to Matthew Stafford.

During OTAs Kellen Moore has been receiving reps with the second team leading some to believe the time has come for him to have a role other than carrying the clipboard on Sunday. Getting promoted to #2 on the depth chart probably won’t amount too much in the way of playing for Moore. After-all Matt Stafford hasn’t missed a game in four seasons. That said Stafford isn’t getting any younger and even the toughest quarterbacks get injured on occasion.

If age and injury eventually catch up with Matthew Stafford then the Lions will need a back-up capable of stepping in and winning.  Orlovsky can’t be counted on to do that. Time will tell whether Moore has what it takes.

There is another benefit to promoting Moore to the second team. Getting practice reps as the back-up will give the coaching staff a better look at Moore’s abilities on a daily basis. In addition back-up’s often prepare for the game just as the starter. The combination of practice time and preparation should give Jim Caldwell a solid understanding of whether Kellen Moore could handle the starting role.  Either as an injury replacement or as the future starter.

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I have contended before that keeping Moore on as third string QB was wasting a roster spot that could be filled with a player the Lions could develop into a future starter.  It seems now the Lions are willing to give Moore a chance to prove he can play in this league. With Matthew Stafford’s contract coming to an end it’s time to see whether Kellen Moore is the quarterback of the future.  If not Martin Mayhew may need to put serious thought into drafting a signal caller in 2016.

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