Kellen Moore will be Detroit Lions No. 2 Quarterback, Eventually


Former Boise State Bronco, Kellen Moore, has never taken a regular season snap for the Detroit Lions, yet the young signal caller does have a future with the team.

Moore, 25, is about to embark on his fourth season as the Lions third string quarterback during a time in the NFL when most teams only carry two QB’s through the regular season.

So why does Detroit keep three?

The answer is simple. Kellen Moore plays an important role on the team outside of his Sunday clipboard duties.

During the “work week”, Moore can be found on the Lions practice field running the “opposing teams offense” as a part of defensive preparations. It’s there that Moore is able to display his intelligence and intellect while further developing his personal skills.

"“Certainly everyone wants to play, but I love it here,” he said. “It’s been awesome. Not many guys get a chance to be somewhere for three years.”“I’ve gotten to learn from a lot of veterans who’ve done a lot of good things: Dan (Orlovsky), Shaun (Hill), Matthew (Stafford). I learned from those guys, and hopefully at the same time hopefully helped a little bit.”"

Moore has seen his numbers rise each exhibition season. In 2013, Moore completed 62.5% of his passes with four touchdowns and one interception. Then, just one year ago, Moore decisively outplayed his fellow back up quarterback Dan Orlovsky during the preseason.

“August. That’s when I show up. Mr. August.” – Kellen Moore

Over a four-week period, Moore went 35 of 51, good for a 68.7 completion percentage. Orlovsky’s was 63.2 percent.

Moore had three touchdowns and no picks with a passer rating of 108.4. Orlovsky had no picks, but no touchdowns either with a passer rating of 80.7.

Yet head coach Jim Caldwell never faltered in his loyalties to Orlovsky who would remain Stafford’s back up in 2014, leaving Moore with an ear piece on Sunday’s.

But his patience may soon payoff.

Back in March, the Lions and Moore agreed on a two-year contract worth $1.825 million, which included a $340,000 signing bonus. They also committed $140,000 in guarantees ($80,000 signing bonus and $60,000 guaranteed base salary) to Orlovsky when they re-signed the veteran to a one-year contract as well.

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While that not only shows that both quarterbacks will like remain in the roster through the 2015 season, (in similar roles as 2014) it also seems apparent from Moore’s two-year deal that the Lions may be ready to go with Moore as their No. 2 quarterback following one more season of learning and experience.

Only time will tell if this is purely speculation on my part, however it seems as though Moore has certainly proven himself to this point. Perhaps another strong preseason showing will lock things up for college football’s all-time winning quarterback.

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