Cardiac Cats Return, Detroit Lions Ride The Roller Coaster in Win

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions pulled out the win in the final moments against the Atlanta Falcons in the most unbelievable fashion possible.

Two weeks in a row, the Lions have given their fan base the hardest to watch first halves followed by the most exciting second halves they’d ever seen.  The Cardiac Cats are back, people, and they are now 2-0 with Calvin Johnson standing on the sidelines.  Games like these are always headlined by their biggest names, but seeing the Cardiac Cats come back from a 21-0 deficit at the half to win 22-21 on the backs of guys like Cassius Vaughn and Theo Riddick while three starters on offense stand on the sidelines is its own kind of amazing.

The #1 offense in the NFL looked anything but as they gave up three TDs for the first time all season.  This ends a seven game streak in which the team had only allowed two TDs and it looked like the Falcons would never let up.  The first half was a disaster of offensive management and Matthew Stafford couldn’t find a single opening in poor offensive series after poor offensive series called by offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi.  Something had to give, but in this case it was the Falcons.  The flood gates opened and both Lions coordinators changed their game in the second half.

Where there was no pressure in the first half, the Lions brought the heat seemingly every play even after Nick Fairley left with an injury to his right leg.  It looked bad, but early indications are that it might not be a serious injury, though he will miss several weeks.  James Jones moved inside and proceeded to wreak havoc from the defensive tackle position.  I’ve never understood why he was being forced out to edge, but with George Johnson playing well on the outside and Caraun Reid struggling, I’d be hard pressed to find reasons to keep Jason Jones away from that DT spot.

After a win like that, I’m feeling generous and angry at the same time.  While the Lions came up with an amazing win to bring back their Cardiac Cats moniker, I can’t help but feel some ire for the way some of the players handled the adversity they faced in the game.  So to switch things up a bit from a basic write up, here are some awards for the game.  Who are yours?