Cardiac Cats Return, Detroit Lions Ride The Roller Coaster in Win

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Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Many of our Game Awards were fan submissions. I took to Twitter to find the best, and as often happens, I got the best from Lions fans.

Game MVP: Golden Tate

An easy one to start off, Golden Tate was phenomenal, netting 7 receptions for 151 yards and another long TD that more importantly fired up the offense and helped push the resurgence. No one else can even come close to Tate, who walks off with the award.

I think this one is an easy one, as offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi has been doing his best Scot Linehan impression, minus all the touchdowns.

Goat…wait…Hero of the Game: Matt Prater

our friend @ManHands80 sums it up nicely as Matt Prater missed a 43 yard field goal to win the game only to have a penalty called for delay of game. He hit the longer kick to put the Lions up by 1 as time expired.   Most Likely to Induce Fan Heart Attacks: Matthew Stafford

Not much explanation needed on this one. Matthew Stafford was inconsistent to be very generous in the first half (Inconsistent is generally the way media folks refer to a player being terrible at their job). Stafford would rebound in the second half, putting together some nice drives that resulted in 22 unanswered points. He wasn’t accurate by any measure in the game, but he was able to keep his cool and continue with the plan.