January 28th was the last time we took a look at the Detroit Lions mock draft database. The prevalent names haven..."/> January 28th was the last time we took a look at the Detroit Lions mock draft database. The prevalent names haven..."/> January 28th was the last time we took a look at the Detroit Lions mock draft database. The prevalent names haven..."/>

Detroit Lions Mock Draft Database: Same Names, Different Places


January 28th was the last time we took a look at the Detroit Lions mock draft database. The prevalent names haven’t changed although it seems like there is a great deal of switching back and forth with a lot of the respective mock drafts.

One shift that can be seen is a preference towards Jimmy Smith over Brandon Harris should the Lions decide to go with a cornerback. Some of this preference might be due to the Mel Kiper Jr effect although there is certainly a reason why Kiper would go with Smith as well. Nate Solder remains a strong bet if the Lions go with an offensive tackle although USC’s Tyron Smith is rising up a lot of draft boards and is gaining some traction as the Lions pick with a number of mockers. Von Miller’s name has been virtually erased in the database since most see him as a top ten pick. Akeem Ayers remains the consensus among those sending a linebacker to the Lions.

Check out the full mock draft database below:

Mock DraftUpdated#Lions SelectionPos.School
NE Patriots Draft2/21/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Sports Fantasy Guide2/21/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
With the First Pick2/21/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
Football Draft Analysis2/20/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Guy’s NFL Draft2/20/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
New NFL Draft2/20/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
New Sport Draft2/20/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
The Draft Shack2/20/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
The Football Fan Spot2/20/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Fantasy CPR2/19/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Heard’s Football Report2/19/1113Von MillerLBTexas A&M
NFL Draft Blitz2/19/1113Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
NFL Mocks (Mac)2/19/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Draft Maven2/18/1113Mark IngramRBAlabama
Expert Mock Draft2/18/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Fanhouse2/18/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Fantasy Football Xtreme2/18/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Mocking the Draft2/18/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Your NFL Draft2/18/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Gridiron Gab2/18/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
MockDraftOnline (Vinny)2/17/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Draft 1012/17/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Draft Geek2/17/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Real Sports Hype2/17/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
Seahawks Draft Blog2/17/1113Von MillerLBTexas A&M
Draft Countdown2/16/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
Draft Empire2/16/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
ESPN (Kiper)2/16/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
My NFL Draft2/16/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Mocks (Jesse)2/16/1113Mark IngramRBAlabama
WalterFootball.com2/16/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Draft Tek2/15/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
FFToolbox (Matt)2/15/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
FFToolbox (Ricky)2/15/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NBA Draft Guru2/15/1113Cameron HeywardDEOhio State
NFL Draft Day Insider2/15/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Sporting News2/15/1113Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
Xtra Point Football2/15/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
Draft Gods2/14/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Draft Season2/14/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
FFToolbox (Joel)2/14/1113Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
FFToolbox (Rob)2/14/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Great Blue North2/14/1116Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
MockDraftOnline (Eric)2/13/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Sideline Scouting2/13/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Vikings Gab2/13/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
CBSsports.com (Chad)2/13/1113Anthony CastonzoOTBoston College
CBSsports.com (Rob)2/13/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
OGDraft2/11/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
85% Sports2/10/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
Alfred Roig2/10/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
ESPN (McShay)2/10/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
National Football Post2/10/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
BuffaLowDown2/9/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Draft Post2/9/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
Qi Sports2/9/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Running the Zone2/9/1113Adrian ClaybornDEIowa
SideLion Report2/9/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
SKOHRboard2/9/1113Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
Football’s Future2/8/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
FFToolbox (Ben)2/7/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Sports Agent Blog2/7/1113Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
Draft King2/6/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Who Dat Dish2/4/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
FFToolbox (Randall)2/3/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Draft Take2/2/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
New Era Scouting2/2/1113Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
Optimum Scouting1/31/1113Derek SherrodOTMiss. State
Pigskin Heaven1/30/1113Cameron JordanDECalifornia
Sports Jabber1/30/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Cat Crave1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Phin Phanatic1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
NFL Draft Dog1/23/1113Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
Rookie Draft1/22/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
DraftWatchers1/20/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Consensus Draft1/18/1113J.J. WattDEWisconsin
MockDraftOnline (Bud)1/13/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Riggo’s Rag1/10/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Bring the House1/8/1113Aaron WilliamsCBTexas
The Draft Matters1/6/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Sports by Blayze12/9/102Patrick PetersonCBLSU

Tom Kowalski is advocating the Lions taking a look at an offensive tackle if the impact linebacker they need isn’t available when they pick at 13. Check out his reasoning in the video below:

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