Lions Mock Draft Database: Senior Bowl Will Help Set Draft Board


The SideLion Report Lions mock draft database is inching towards 75 mock drafts from all over the internet. Previous revisions to the database have shown that there really isn’t any consensus on who might become a Detroit Lions at pick 13.

The player evaluation process that will take place over the next couple months will help sort that out. That process got underway this week with various activities at the Senior Bowl where some of the nation’s finest college seniors got to face each other in practice with the game coming up tomorrow afternoon. A number of names have trickled out of practice that could see themselves shoot up the draft boards. ESPN’s Todd McShay had favorable things to say about Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller and Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder, two guys that play at positions of need for the Lions.

Nate Solder has definitely become a popular name at pick 13 with the mock drafts that have the Lions selecting an offensive tackle. Prognosticators that peg the Lions for a linebacker still think Akeem Ayers is the likely man while Brandon Harris is becoming a popular pick at cornerback. Here is the updated database:

Mock DraftUpdated#Lions SelectionPos.School
NE Patriots Draft1/28/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
New NFL Draft1/28/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Expert Mock Draft1/27/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
WalterFootball.com1/27/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Alfred Roig1/26/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Draft Empire1/26/1113Von MillerLBTexas A&M
FFToolbox (Ricky)1/26/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Real Sports Hype1/26/1113Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
Seahawks Draft Blog1/26/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Sports Fantasy Guide1/26/1113Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
The Football Fan Spot1/26/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
NBA Draft Guru1/26/1113Aldon SmithDEMissouri
Draft Tek1/25/1113Jimmy SmithCBColorado
FFToolbox (Ben)1/25/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
FFToolbox (Matt)1/25/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Guy’s NFL Draft1/25/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
MockDraftOnline (Eric)1/25/1113J.J. WattDEWisconsin
NFL Draft Day Insider1/25/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Sports Agent Blog1/25/1113Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
Draft Take1/25/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Xtra Point Football1/25/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Cat Crave1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA (Chad)1/24/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL) (Rob)1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Draft Maven1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
FFToolbox (Rob)1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
New Sport Draft1/24/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
NFL Draft 1011/24/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Phin Phanatic1/24/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Vikings Gab1/24/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Football Draft Analysis1/23/1113Von MillerLBTexas A&M
NFL Draft Dog1/23/1113Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
Sideline Scouting1/23/1113Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
Draft Countdown1/22/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
New Era Scouting1/22/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Rookie Draft1/22/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
My NFL Draft1/21/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Your NFL Draft1/21/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Draft King1/20/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
MockDraftOnline (Vinny)1/20/1113Gabe CarimiOTWisconsin
NFL Draft Blitz1/20/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL Mocks1/20/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
SideLion Report1/20/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
ESPN (Kiper)1/19/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
ESPN (McShay)1/19/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
Mocking the Draft1/19/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Running the Zone1/19/1113Adrian ClaybornDEIowa
Sporting News1/19/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Consensus Draft1/18/1113J.J. WattDEWisconsin
The Draft Shack1/18/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
85% Sports1/17/1113Tyron SmithOTUSC
FFToolbox (Joel)1/17/1113Von MillerLBTexas A&M
Football’s Future1/17/1113Ryan KerriganDEPurdue
Optimum Scouting1/17/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Pigskin Heaven1/17/1113Derek SherrodOTMiss. State
Fantasy Football Xtreme1/16/119Marcell DareusDTAlabama
Qi Sports1/16/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
NFL’s Future1/14/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Draft Gods1/13/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
Great Blue North1/13/1113Robert QuinnDENorth Carolina
MockDraftOnline (Bud)1/13/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
NFL Draft Geek1/13/1113Akeem AyersLBUCLA
FFToolbox (Randall)1/10/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Heard’s Football Report1/10/1113Patrick PetersonCBLSU
Riggo’s Rag1/10/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Bring the House1/8/1113Aaron WilliamsCBTexas
Draft Season1/8/1113Nate SolderOTColorado
DraftWatchers1/8/1113Derek SherrodOTMiss. State
BuffaLowDown1/7/1113Brandon HarrisCBMiami (FL)
Fanhouse1/6/1113Derek SherrodOTMiss. State
The Draft Matters1/6/1113Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
OGDraft1/5/1113Da’Quan BowersDEClemson
Sports Jabber12/10/105Prince AmukamaraCBNebraska
Sports by Blayze12/9/102Patrick PetersonCBLSU

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