Teddy Bridgewater's leadership offers young Detroit Lions roster a big advantage

Teddy Bridgewater's wisdom with young talent could make his signing a big advantage for the Detroit Lions.
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The Detroit Lions' move to add Teddy Bridgewater was a good one football-wise, but it might be even better for their locker room.

Bridgewater will provide an upgrade to a spot on the Lions' roster that needed one, with Nate Sudfeld failing to show he deserved the No. 2 quarterback spot behind Jared Goff. But Bridgewater's experience and veteran leadership will be valuable too.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Bridgewater didn't really talk football. He talked about embracing a role as a veteran leader and a mentor to young players.

"I know that I won't be in this game forever. There's certain things in life that I can't do forever. So it's like, how can I leave an everlasting impact? How can I prepare the next wave of talent, the next wave of athletes for what's in store? It's kind of like my gift of life. Pouring into the younger athletes and the younger players on the team. That's how I stay blessed I feel. I keep getting opportunities of course aside from what I'm able to do as a football player. It just means a lot to me."

Teddy Bridgewater

Getting wisdom from coaches is one thing. But when a fellow player like Bridgewater delivers it, it will surely hit different.

Teddy Bridgewater motivated to help Jameson Williams flourish

Bridgewater's positive impact could be felt most with Jameson Williams, a talented young receiver who has endured a rocky early start to his NFL career but is clearly still growing.

As the quarterback also told the media, he sees talent in Williams, but wants to find ways to push him to greatness and provide wisdom to show him the way:

"He has unbelievable talent and I want to just push him to those limits that he may have never been pushed to. He's a guy I really want to see have a long future in this league because he was a first-rounder for a reason. I just want to challenge him to be the best player he can be... I'm excited about his future."

Teddy Bridgewater

The Lions may have found precisely the right player in Bridgewater to inspire and lead their young players, especially Williams. That may be his greatest impact, even if he never sees the field this year.

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