Report confirms timing of serious contract talks between Jared Goff and the Lions

It has seemed that way all along, but a report on Sunday further confirms the timing of serious contract extension talks between the Lions and Jared Goff.
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As the Detroit Lions keep going further in the playoffs (now to the NFC Championship Game), and he performs like he has, the price to extend quarterback Jared Goff climbs. That was a calculated risk by the team, but it also challenged him to repeat his strong run over the back half-plus of the 2022 season. With few hiccups this season, he answered that challenge.

It has become a clear matter of when, not if, Goff gets a multi-year contract extension from the Lions with next season the final year of his current deal. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported the offseason as the time for serious contract talks back in November, and earlier this month Goff's agent Ryan Tollner offered the same timeline.

They said all the right things to Jared and to me, that (this season) is not about him having to prove himself for another year,” Tollner said. “Inevitably, players always feel that way. If you don’t make a long-term commitment, then they feel like you don’t completely believe in them.”

Another report confirms timeline for contract talks between Jared Goff and the Lions

On Sunday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network further confirmed contract talks between the Lions and Goff will ramp up after the season. According to Rapoport contract talks between the two sides, has had been hinted back then, did take place a bit before the season.

Rapoport reinforced the clear notion the Lions have never viewed Goff as a "bridge" quarterback since acquiring him in the Matthew Stafford trade in 2021, and how his production lately has rivaled his best days with the Rams. Goff, per words surely fed to Rapoport, is "once again proving his worth as a franchise quarterback in the NFL."

Goff is sure to land in the $45-$50 million range in new money via a new deal. The far bigger questions, of course, are how long the new deal will be and how the structure of the deal looks in terms of firm commitment.

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