Lions and Jared Goff likely postponing serious contract talks until after the season

It doesn't feel surprising at this point, but the Lions and Jared Goff reportedly won't being getting a new contract done until after the season.
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Jared Goff has gone from a perceived bridge quarterback in 2021 to beingPro Football Focus' top-graded quarterback through Week 10. It's no longer a matter of if, but when, a contract extension for him to remain the Detroit Lions' quarterback gets done.

Since the season started, there hasn't been much out there about a contract extension for Goff. Spotrac put out a contract projection earlier this week, but that's really been it over the last couple months. It's been safe to assume it won't be done in-season, as Goff likely ups his value in a quarterback market that's always rising.

Some players in contract situations put it out there about postponing talks heading into a season, so as to have their sole focus on the season. As if they'd turn down a deal that was offered during the season. Goff didn't shut down contract talks like that, but he also hasn't ever said a whole lot about contract extension talks with the Lions.

Lions and Jared Goff likely putting off contract until offseason

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler (subscription required) offered an update this week on where contract talks are between the Lions and Goff.

"One team-quarterback marriage to watch is Jared Goff and the Lions," "Goff is putting together another Pro Bowl performance for the 7-2 Lions, and 2024 is his last year under contract (at $26.65 million, well below his market value)."

"Goff and the Lions have had talks about the future, but no deal is in the works during the season," "In the offseason, however, the Lions will likely up their efforts to secure Goff's long-term future. He's only 29, and the Lions know asking Goff to play the final year of his current deal is untenable."

Nothing Fowler reported is particularly surprising, or revelationary. The Lions and Goff aren't going to get a deal done during the season at this point, but things will naturally ramp up in the offseason. It will probably get done quickly too, and of course Goff will get paid handsomely in line with his market value.

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