Proposed trade would be incredibly underwhelming way for Lions to add a wide receiver

The Lions may look to add a wide receiver in the coming weeks, but this proposed trade is yawn-inducing while also making very little sense.

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The inevitable and now official departure of Josh Reynolds has created an opening on the wide receiver depth chart for the Detroit Lions. In theory a full offseason in the system would allow Donovan Peoples-Jones to emerge, but that's a question mark. For all the hope and hype attached to Jameson Williams, he has to show he can get it done over a full season.

There has been some buzz about the Lions taking a wide receiver early in this year's draft. The general idea is a big-bodied "X" receiver would fit nicely in the offense, and that logic is unassailable. In a non-draft sense, a steady veteran to replace Reynolds could be on the radar.

The Lions fit any list that was, is or will be out there regarding "one potential move to fill (blank) void...." Along that line, Maurice Mouton of Bleacher Report has a fresh list outlining "1 Trade Each NFL Contender Should Consider to Fill Biggest Weakness."

Mouton offered a deal to fill the Lions "moderate need" at wide receiver.

Trade proposal would be very underwhelming way for Lions to add a wide receiver

To fill that "moderate need" at wide receiver, Mouton suggests the Lions target Tutu Atwell of the Los Angeles Rams. A tentacle of that is the idea offensive coordinator Ben Johnson could further use his "creative play-calling juices."

"At 5'9", 165 pounds, the 24-year-old isn't going to win many jump ball opportunities or routinely come down with contested catches. On the flip side, he can make big plays with his speed, which may open up the field for other Lions pass-catchers."
"Over the last two years, the Los Angeles Rams found ways to get Atwell the ball in space, and he's caught 57 passes for 781 yards and four touchdowns since 2022."
-Maurice Mouton, Bleacher Report

Mouton proposes a late-round pick to the Rams for Atwell, and that would certainly be all it would cost. But Atwell's physical profile is very close to Kalif Raymond's, and the usage pattern looks similar. It's worth noting Raymond suffered a knee injury in last year's regular season finale and did not play at all in the playoffs. So his prognosis for the start of the season is an unanswered question right now.

Should they add one, the Lions most need a wide receiver who can offer something different than what they have. Along the "make big plays with his speed" and "open up the field for other Lions pass-catchers" line Mouton suggested for Atwell, that sounds an awful lot like Williams' role.

Trading for Atwell or someone of similar physical and skill set ilk would be a lame way for the Lions to add a wide receiver. Add how he'd surely overlap with who they already have, and he should not be anywhere on the radar.

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