New report about Jared Goff's looming contract is nothing unexpected

It's only a matter of time before the Lions and Jared Goff come together on a contract extension.
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The longer it goes without being done may make some people nervous. But the Detroit Lions and quarterback Jared Goff will get a contract extension done this offseason, and the price he will command per year is all but set. It's going to mostly come down to the length and how the guaranteed money is structured. And the cost is inching up.

It's clear the Lions want Goff as their quarterback well beyond next season, and he has found a home in Detroit. He recently called the trade from the Rams to the Lions the "greatest thing that ever happened to me, for my career and development as a person."

Recent buzz has pointed toward Goff commanding close to $50 million per year in his new deal. Based on his accomplishments compared to some others who have gotten or may get $45 million per year in their new contracts, Goff's agent has a strong argument to ask for $50 million a year.

New report about Jared Goff contract not surprising, or anything truly new

On Sunday morning's "SportsCenter", ESPN's Jeremy Fowler talked about Goff's looming contract extension (via

"He wants to be there. Only 29 years old, due to make about $28 million this year, so he's going to have to be in that threshold of $45 (million), maybe even $50 million a year, based on the way he's played. So, it's going to take some time to get that done,” Fowler said."

The Lions made it clear early in the offseason they aren't rushing anything with Goff's contract extension. As much as it feels like negotiations shouldn't be terribly complicated, there's back and forth to be done on length, guaranteed money at signing (percentage of total surface value and in total), practical guaranteed money over time, etc., with the ever-changing (i.e. increasing) quarterback market in the background. When big money and years of commitment are involved, it's a time-consuming negotiation-and not necessarily contentious.

Fowler's report was nothing new, just confirming what's already well-known and apparent, When it comes down to it, it wouldn't be shocking if news of Goff's contract extension comes within a month after the draft.


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