Negative headline should not be sole focus of Jared Goff podcast appearance

Jared Goff's recent podcast appearance with a college teammate has drawn a lot of attention, but a negative headline from the conversation shouldn't be the entire focus.
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Lions quarterback Jared Goff recently appeared on the Willbo Trading Cards podcast with teammate Robbie and Will McInerny. Robbie was a college teammate of Goff's at Cal, which certainly fostered the appearance on a podcast that wouldn't be considered prominent.

The big headline coming out of Goff's appearance was his calling out of Detroit media being too negative. He was asked about an exchange with a reporter during the week before the NFC Championship Game, and his choice of response came off wrong.

I have this like, and I need to drop it soon here because I’m gonna hopefully be in Detroit for a long time," Goff said. "But I have this thing with our local media where they almost relish in negativity at times. And maybe that’s what get clicks and that’s what sells. But it’s no longer what they need to live in. Hey guys, we have a good team, we’ve had success. We can be happy about that, we can celebrate that and not have to write about how we’re constantly the underdog. No, teams are gonna be gunning for us now, we’ve won the division. I’m probably over-thinking it in my head just because it’s the chip on my shoulder and the competitor in me..."

We highlighted those comments, as as many others have. But to focus entirely on that is also to miss the full conversation, which went well beyond that headline.

Jared Goff had interesting, wide-ranging conversation with college teammate

Goff's dismal ending with the Los Angeles Rams is well-known, which had to make the Wild Card Round win last year particularly sweet for him. The 2024 season will be his fourth as the Lions' starting quarterback, matching his four years as the Rams' starting quarterback.

Goff called the trade to the Lions, with the perspective he acknowledged he didn't have when it happened, "the greatest thing that ever happened to me for my career and my development as a human."

Goff talked about a wide range of topics, football-related and not, over the nearly hour and a half conversation. His dog, Quincy, became an instant star. Check out the full video below.


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