Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams using practice time to jump start honing his craft

Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Healthy for offseason work this year, Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams is using the time to work on his craft.

In large part, Jameson Williams' rookie season was a health-related mulligan and, to some degree, a tease. He was eased in coming off a torn ACL in his final college game, and played in six games with two touches. Both times he had his hands on the ball, a catch and a carry, it went for at least 40 yards,

Safe to say, hopes were high for Williams looking toward his second season. Then in April, he was the highest profile of four (and possibly five, now) 2022 Lions players cited for violating the NFL's gambling policy. Williams will be suspended the first six games of the season.

That said, Williams can be with the team until the final roster cut down before the season starts. Then, he can return to practice a few weeks before he's eligible to play. So he should be able to hitt the ground running come Week 7, with little real practice time actually missed.

Jameson Williams using practice time to accelerate honing of his craft as a receiver

Simply being healthy at this point on the calendar is a big step for Williams compared to his rookie season. The suspension to start the season doesn't have to be any more serious a derailment than it already is, and it is a pretty big one. But now is the time to work, and it appears Williams is focused.

When asked what he's trying to accomplish right now, via, Williams made his objective clear.

"I'm just trying to get better every day,” Williams said. “At some point, I can't be with the team. So, I'm using all this time to perfect every little thing me and the QB, me and the team, me and the offense need. So, that's the main thing right now. Just focusing on all that before I get my time away and then come back to the team. So, just focusing on fixing the little things and making everything good.”"

The Lions' Twitter feed posted a clip of Williams making a nice catch during Wednesday's practice.

It's only his second season, and practically his rookie season all things considered. But this is already a pivotal point in Williams' career, and it seems he knows it.

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