Lions offensive tackle Dan Skipper does it all in Madden highlight clip (video)

With the frenzied wave of free agency over, the Lions social media has delivered a Madden highlight reel featuring offensive tackle Dan Skipper.
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For the past seven seasons, with three head coaches, Dan Skipper has been on and off the Detroit Lions' roster, appearing in a total of 40 games (six starts), mostly as an extra offensive tackle.

He has become a cult hero for Lions' fans, and amid the activity from the first week of free agency it might have been easy to miss he was re-signed to a one-year deal (as reported by ESPN's Jeremy Fowler).

Skipper became known nationally for his part in the reporting as eligible controversy during last season's Week 17 game against the Dallas Cowboys, in which a Taylor Decker touchdown catch was negated when referee Brad Allen determined Skipper, not Decker, had reported as eligible. Forget the fact Skipper lined up in a guard spot, where he was inherently not an eligible receiver, and was clearly never seen by Allen when he ran onto the field late.

After that fateful play, over the rest of the season, Skipper was cheered loudly by Lions' fans at Ford Field every time he reported as eligible.

In any case, Skipper is a valuable player for the Lions on and off the field. He registered his first career reception in last year's regular season finale against the Vikings.

Dan Skipper does a little of everything in Madden '24 highlights clip (video)

On Friday night, as the "free agency frenzy" subsided, the Lions' social media team filled the void by putting together a nine-minute clip of Madden '24 highlights featuring Skipper. Actually, it's a little over nine minutes.....and well worth the time.

Passing, punting, field goal kicking, long touchdown runs (complete with jukes), epic touchdown celebrations, catching deep passes, making diving catches along the sideline, playing defense (a sack for a safety, a deep ball interception, a pick-six)...Skipper does it all in that Madden clip.

As the tweet from the Lions hinted, nobody necessarily asked for a nine-minute reel of Skipper Madden highlights. But that's because we didn't know we needed it.

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