Lions defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson may have given away his return date

In his reaction to the Lions pulling out a win over the Bears on Sunday, C.J. Gardner-Johnson seemed to reveal his return date from a torn pectoral.
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C.J. Gardner-Johnson suffered a torn pectoral in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks, greatly truncating his first season as a Lion. It's been assumed it will sideline him for the season, though there's a faint chance it won't. And from what we know about "CJGJ, "Ceedy Deuce, or whatever he'd like to go by, we know he'll do whatever he can to play again at some point this season if at all possible.

Gardner-Johnson has revealed some of his recent recovery progress on social medias, and he has followed what his teammates are doing during games via his social media feeds. On Sunday, after the stirring comeback win over the Chicago Bears, Gardner-Johnson was back at it.

The Twitter account @FueledByMotown captured Gardner-Johnson's reaction to Sunday's game-sealing play by Aidan Hutchinson (NSFW).

Gardner-Johnson dunks on Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who had pulled out a little dance move after a long run earlier in the fourth quarter. Then......

Did C.J. Gardner Johnson reveal his return date?

At the end of the video, Gardner-Johnson dropped a notable punch line.

"I’ll be back,” Gardner-Johnson says. “Y’all got two weeks to get y’all sh*t together. Three weeks to get y’all’s sh*t together.”

If Gardner-Johnson were able to practice, the Lions would have a three-week window to take him off IR and put him on the active roster. He seemed to hint that window will be opening soon, saying "three weeks to get y'all (bleep) together." Three weeks from Sunday is Week 14, the second matchup against the Bears.

So Gardner-Johnson seems to think he'll be playing very soon. Three weeks from his return to practice, when or if it comes, is the maximum time, not the mandatory time. We can rule out a return to practice this coming week, when the Lions won't have a real practice before playing the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving Day. But after that, who knows?

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