Lions center Frank Ragnow proves his toughness again in return to lineup vs. Broncos

Lions center Frank Ragnow returned after missing one game with a knee injury, and he proved his toughness once again.
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The Detroit Lions had their starting offensive line together for just the fifth time all season Saturday night against the Denver Broncos, as center Frank Ragnow returned to the lineup after missing one game with a knee injury.

Ragnow continues to play through a lingering toe injury, as his practice reps are carefully managed during the week to allow him to play. He has added other issues at times. He missed a game earlier in the season with a calf issue, and he has been playing through a back issue.

But this is a guy who finished a game with a fractured throat once, and playing with a bad turf toe issue goes without saying as proof of Ragnow's toughness. Even if a small segment Lions' fans may want to cry, "he's hurt all the time."

Frank Ragnow again shows his toughness in quick return to lineup vs. Broncos

Last week, heading into Saturday night's game against Denver, Ragnow openly acknowledged something related to his knee injury.

Great. Feeling good. Unfortunate little mishap two weeks ago. But doing good,” Ragnow said. “I don’t really want to get into specifics. But I just got rolled up on and had to get something done."

"Had to get something done" is an obvious reference to a surgery of some sort, even "minor" as it might have been in the big picture.

After the game Saturday night, Ragnow's brother Jack took to social media with a reveal.

"A week and a half after freaking meniscus surgery and he’s playing. Dude's a certified psycho."
-Jack Ragnow, via Twitter

The extent of Ragnow's operation is unclear. But the initial fear he had suffered a major injury when he left the field against the Saints in Week 13 was quickly assuaged, even with missing the next game.

Ragnow is the literal center of the Lions' offensive line, and his importance was proven again against the Broncos. Jared Goff completed 70 percent of his passes, while Jahmyr Gibbs and David Montgomery combined to average 6.6 yards per carry. Now, we have another mark on the board to prove how tough he is-if we needed another one.

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