Jared Goff gets very lofty place in 2023 season-end quarterback ranking

Coming off a fine 2023 campaign, Lions quarterback Jared Goff has been given a lofty spot in a season-end quarterback ranking.
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Bring up the name Jared Goff to Detroit Lions' fans, and you're sure to broadly get a mix of reactions. On the specific topic of a looming contract extension, you'll get a similar mix of thoughts.

There are certainly some deeper questions (length, average per year), but what is not in question is whether or not Goff will get a contract extension this offseason. He will be the Lions' quarterback beyond the end of his contract in 2024, barring something surprising, And surprising wouldn't even describe it fully.

Goff had one of the best statistical seasons of his career in 2023, finishing top-10 in the league in passing yards (4,575), touchdowns (30), passer rating (97.9) and completion percentage (67.3 percent). He also led the Lions to a division title, and two playoff wins.

"Good enough for Detroit", indeed.

Jared Goff gets very lofty spot in NFL.com 2023 season-ending quarterback ranking

Goff made the top-10 in NFL.com's season-end quarterback rankings in 2022. Writer Nick Shook handled those rankings for the 2023 season, so where did the Lions signal caller land?

MVP Lamar Jackson is No. 1, followed by Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

Goff comes in at No. 4.

"This season was such a magical experience for Goff and the Lions, the first team to inspire legitimate hope for the fans of Detroit in 30-plus years.....When he was protected by Detroit’s elite offensive line, he was one of the NFL’s best passers, and when the lights shined the brightest, Goff delivered in the form of two playoff wins at Ford Field. Sure, the ending wasn’t what anyone envisioned for these Lions, but look at what they accomplished.....Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened, and because the Lions are going to be in a great position to run it back in 2024."

The rest of the top-10 is Matthew Stafford, Dak Prescott, Brock Purdy, C.J. Stroud, Tua Tagovailoa and Kirk Cousins. Goff has a strong case to be above all of them, taking the full body of the 2023 season into account.

A general consensus would put Goff as a top-10 quarterback in the NFL right now. Top-five is an eye-opener to see put out there, as the Lions' rising tide raises all ships.


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