Jameson Williams update: When will he be able to practice with the Lions?

Jameson Williams is nearing the end of his absolute absence from the Detroit Lions, but there's an important update regarding when he can actually practice.
/ Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

After a rookie season shortened by recovery from a torn ACL in his final college game. Jameson Williams' second NFL season has been set back by a six-game gambling suspension. Then a hamstring injury shortened his preseason, and he lost valuable reps.

The assumption, at the time of his suspension, was Williams could return to the Lions in pretty much full capacity after three weeks. He just, obviously, wouldn't be able to play until Week 7 against the Baltimore Ravens. But he would have some ramp up time on the practice field before he could play, and ideally hit the ground running against Baltimore.

On Friday, Justin Rogers of the Detroit News noted how the day's practice was the last before Williams could return to the facility.

"Today was the last Lions practice before Jameson Williams can return to the practice facility. He'll still have the three additional games on his suspension, but access to treatment, team meetings and practice will be helpful when the suspension expires."

But Rogers added an important clarification to Williams' return to the team.

"Clarifying with some new info. Williams can get treatment, attend meetings and do individual workouts with strength staff.

He cannot participate or attend practices until the suspension is complete."

Jameson Williams update: No practice until six games are complete

Being away from the team facility was not the most ideal thing for Williams' injury recovery, so right now it's unclear where he is with that and we probably won't know for a little while longer. But being able to get treatment from team doctors, attend meetings and work with the strength and conditioning staff will obviously be beneficial.

Williams just won't be able to practice, or even be at practice, until the week of the Oct. 22 game against the Ravens. Given how he and Jared Goff had some struggles connecting during training camp, having to wait that long to get on the practice field is not ideal for him having a notable role right off the bat.

The first stage of Williams' suspension, being completely away from the team, is almost over. The next stage is coming, but the most important component of his return to action will have to wait.

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