Jameson Williams embracing naturally heightened expectations attached to him

Expectations are naturally high for Jameson Williams right now, and based on his comments on Thursday he's fully embracing them.
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Looking toward Thursday's OTA practice that was open to the media, Jameson Williams was sure to be one of the most-watched Lions' players and one of the ones who was going to most in-demand for post-practice comments. Before practice, head coach Dan Campbell only fueled that fire, calling Williams the team's most improved player this spring.

"He’s a man on a mission. I'm just going to leave it at that,” Campbell said.

Campbell also said "everywhere", when asked where Williams has improved, suggesting improvement on and off the field that has apparently been easy to see. Reporters on the ground at Allen Park also noticed a somewhat intangible difference.

Jameson Williams embracing high expectations

The Lions have done everything they can to show how much faith they have in Williams this offseason, clearing the way for him to have a breakout season. During his time talking to the media after Thursday's practice, via SI.com, he acknowledged where had growth to do.

"Personal level, I think I’ve matured a lot more," Williams said. "Coming into the league, I still had some little childish ways. Wanted to do what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. But sometimes you’ve got to listen and get on the right track and follow the right path. It’ll lead you down the right way in just a second.” 

On the idea that the "sky is the limit", Williams stretched toward cliche' and hyperbole to push the expectations he has for himself.

"It's a lot that I'm striving for," Williams said. "The sky is not the limit, I want to go way above the sky, I want to be the best to ever play my position. That's where I want to be when I'm done playing..."

Fully healthy with no off-field distractions and more mature, the Lions are counting on Williams to put it all together in his third season. Based on all indications from this week's OTAs, for whatever it's worth in May, he seems amply motivated to reward that faith.


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