4 biggest winners for Detroit Lions after the 2024 NFL Draft

Here are the biggest winners for the Detroit Lions coming out of the 2024 NFL Draft.
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The 2024 NFL Draft was a resounding success for the city of Detroit, and it was also so for the Lions even if you take into account taking on a project with a fourth-round pick that could have been put to different (better?) use.

But it's safe to say the Lions didn't fill every perceived void on their roster in the draft; if only for depth purposes in some cases. That's good news for some incumbent players, who have less (or at least less-heralded) competition for a roles or a roster spot than they might have had otherwise if there had been a draft pick investment at their position.

Things could change if a veteran free agent happens to be brought in, but coming out of the draft these four players look like clear-cut winners for the Lions.

4 biggest winners for Detroit Lions after the 2024 NFL Draft

4. S Brandon Joseph

Safety depth is a thing coming out of the draft for the Lions, even if Brian Branch may indeed see more snaps there after all the additions at cornerback. Behind starters Kerby Joseph and Ifeatu Melifonwu, who both have a level of injury concern right now, Joseph is the only safety who was around last season.

The Lions have signed a few undrafted rookies (Morice Norris, Chelen Garnes, Loren Strickland) who will come in and compete for a roster spot. Joseph was a UDFA himself last year, and stuck around on the practice squad all season. Maybe he has a legitimate shot to earn a roster spot this year, being somewhat of a known quantity compared to the fresh set of UDFAs coming in.

The Lions seem ripe to add a veteran to their safety mix now. But for now, when it looked like he could have been usurped by a late-round draft pick, Joseph can be marked as a post-draft winner.