Dan Campbell takes his place as driver of the Jameson Williams hype train

Amid all the buzz about Jameson Williams, Lions head coach Dan Campbell is succinctly driving the hype train.
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Back in February at the NFL Combine, Lions head coach Dan Campbell laid out some expectations for wide receiver Jameson Williams as he moved toward his third season.

"By the end of the year, we really felt like he started to come into his own,”Campbell said . “He’s going to be push to be a full-time starter now, and that’s what we’re looking for....As long as he gets back and puts the work in like we believe he will because he’s shown that, he’s only going to get better and better and better.”

The Lions confirmed their faith in Williams by not signing a free agent to replace the departed Josh Reynolds, and by not drafting a wide receiver. The proverbial runway is clear for him to breakout this season.

For the first time in his career, Williams is having a normal offseason without injury rehab or an off-field cloud hanging over him. That can only help foster an expected breakout.

Dan Campbell is driving the Jameson Williams hype train

Campbell spoke to reporters before Thursday's OTA practice. How Williams is doing thus far during offseason work was an automatic topic, and the Lions' head coach said it all in fairly few words (h/t to Lions Wire).

"He’s a man on a mission. I'm just going to leave it at that,” Campbell said, while calling Williams the most improved Lions' player this spring.

Campbell was then asked where specifically Williams has improved.

"Everywhere", Campbell said.

The slow start to his career Williams has had is not entirely his fault. A torn ACL in his final college game rendered his rookie season basically irrelevant. While he probably should have known better about gambling, in a broad sense, the NFL acknowledged some holes in how they were educating about what's a violation and what's not.

In any case, the Lions seem to believe Williams will fully emerge in his third season and be their No. 2 wide receiver. Campbell is now taking over as the conductor of the hype train. If they're wrong, it will probably show itself quickly. If they're right, another level of their offense could be unlocked.


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