Incomprehensible take has Lions going wild direction at quarterback in 2025

It's hard to find the words to full describe what an NFL writer thinks the Lions should do at quarterback in 2025.

It was never really a question, but the Detroit Lions confirmed Jared Goff is their quarterback with a four-year, $212 million contract extension this offseason. For the next four years, if not the full five counting this year, Goff isn't going anywhere barring something completely unforeseen.

At some point, as Goff's contract nears an end, it will become time for the Lions to consider who their next quarterback will be. But that time is not now, next year, the year after that....and names who aren't Goff can't even be fully known or comprehended right now.

In our business, "hot takes" come out. Some sports networks have built sections of their programming around debate. On the written front, things that don't necessarily deserve it get called "click bait" by those who want to use that crutch rather than just say they don't like something.

But there's one wild take now out there that I, and others, can't wrap their mind around.

A wild, incomprehensible take for who the Lions quarterback should be in 2025

Marissa Myers of TWSN has apparently not being paying attention to everything the Lions have said about Goff, which was backed up by their contractual investment. After this tweet from Jeremy Reisman of Pride of Detroit (NSFW in one spot), the article just had to be found.

Myers talked about Goff's well-worn and easily seen shortcomings (struggles when pressured unlike any other quarterback, lacks mobility). Referring back to the fact Goff will turn 30 in October, she went all the way.

"...Goff will be 30, and for the Lions to keep their recent string of success going, they need to get a young quarterback under center that will lead the team for the foreseeable future. The quarterback that will have the most success in doing so will come from free agency in Justin Fields."

"With Fields being 26 by next year’s free agency, he has the potential to become the Lions’ franchise quarterback for the future. With his new skills that go beyond what Goff provides, the offense under Ben Johnson would fully be opened up. Not to mention, Fields paired with Amon-Ra St. Brown would create a new top duo, and with his rushing ability and Jahmyr Gibbs, the backfield would become as strong as ever. Overall, making Fields the ideal quarterback for the team."

Fields, from a potential perspective, remains an interesting player. But remove that he has actually played an NFL snap, and he's also not all that much different than current Lions' No. 2 quarterback Hendon Hooker on that front. Before the Lions got the contract done with Goff, Myers also opined the Lions won't win a Super Bowl with Goff, but they will with Hooker.

Lions general manager Brad Holmes once said it's easier to get worse at quarterback than it is to get better. That was clearly an endorsement of Goff, and they didn't pay him just because they felt like it. Those of who are often lukewarm on Goff can see they never wavered from committing to him, thus doing away with all other options for the foreseeable future.

Narrowing back toward this take that Fields should be the Lions' quarterback in 2025, the bottom line is this: Goff is simply way better right now, and Fields has a ton or work to do to change that.


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