3 players the Detroit Lions will not miss one bit in 2024

These three members of the 2023 Detroit Lions are gone, and they will not be missed at all this year.
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The Detroit Lions paid off their preseason hype last year with a run to the NFC Championship Game, winning a division title and of course two playoff games along the way. Heading into this year the hype is a little different, with taking the next step to the Super Bowl (or even winning it) in play.

When looking at the Lions' offseason moves, it's fair to say they've upgraded many areas and none more notably than cornerback. Head coach Dan Campbell is making sure than any signs of complacency never take root, with "unfinished business" as an easy moniker.

But with the changes made to the Lions' roster came players who are not back from last year's team, however inevitable some became over time. Time will tell if those departures are notable, or if the Lions replaced them well-albeit with early signs they did find a better replacement in at least one case.

Without further ado, these three players from last year's team will not be missed at all by the Lions this year.

3 players the Detroit Lions will not miss in 2024

3. S C.J. Gardner-Johnson

It's not completely Gardner-Johnson's fault he will not be missed by the Lions. A torn pectoral in Week 2 sidelined him until the regular season finale. He did have two interceptions from there through the playoffs, but he also posted overall Pro Football Focus grades below 47.0 in two of the three playoff games.

His performance in the NFC Championship Game was particularly dismal, with a 33.9 PFF grade, three missed tackles, a tempting of the football gods an unnecessary hit on 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. Add all of that to his preemptive griping about his role before he even returned to action from his long-term injury, and he was on his way to being gone in free agency. He signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he spent the 2022 season.

A major injury robbed Gardner-Johnson of the chance to fully back up his swagger with performance last season. But even when he did play there was not a lot of bite to back up the barking, and the Lions' secondary looks way better without him heading into the 2024 season.