Former NFL general manager offers word of caution for Lions on Jared Goff extension

Jared Goff is getting a contract extension from the Lions, but a former NFL GM has offered a word of caution for Brad Holmes.
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As the Detroit Lions enter the offseason, on one of the front burners for general manager Brad Holmes is an extension for quarterback Jared Goff as he now heads into the final year of his contract. Now that the season is over, those talks are surely already ramping up.

Back in late-December, ESPN Lions' beat writer Eric Woodyard brought up the key question regarding Goff's contract extension.

"A question remains, though: How long should the Lions extend Goff? Will this be a short-term extension, or something more in the four- to five-year range?"

The money per year in Goff's new deal is a foregone conclusion to be in the $45-$50 million per year range. Four years seems to be the most common projection out there, taking Goff through the 2028 season.

At this point, Goff's strengths, weaknesses and limitations are well-known. But he's going to be the Lions' quarterback for the foreseeable future.

Former NFL general manager offers words of caution about Jared Goff contract extension

Former Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff spoke to ESPN's "This is Football" recently, previewing the NFL offseason. One of the topics included the Lions and Goff's looming contract extension.

"Look, I think Jared Goff has done really good things for that organization, of course, for Brad Holmes. Kudos to him, there were a lot of darts thrown early on," Dimitroff said. "I look at him, and I’m thinking, you have to be market value with him of course. I don’t think you can be held to, you have to be smart about how far you go there. You can look that agent and Jared in the eye, and say, ‘Look, we want you here and here’s our number.’ I don’t think you go overboard on it...."

Dimitroff's initial point is on solid ground, in terms of the Lions having a delicate balance to strike with Goff's contract extension. But then he went a little too far.

"It’s not like he’s in the prime of his career," Dimitroff continued. "I’m really impressed with what he’s done. I have to raise my hand, I wasn’t expecting that...."

Goff will turn 30 during next season (Oct. 14). So he's not a young quarterback, per se, but he's hardly old or past his prime. Questioning where his upside is from here is fine, and warranted to a degree. But to suggest he's entering the decline phase of his career is a reach.

Whatever Goff's contract extension looks like, Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press passed along something he was told during Super Bowl week.

Indeed, the Lions don't have an easy or obvious alternative to Goff as their starting quarterback. But they also don't seem to want one, right or wrong, for a least a few years beyond next season.


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