Jared Goff apparently would like everyone to just ignore how poorly he is playing lately

Lions quarterback Jared Goff has been a detriment to winning lately, but it appears he'd like everyone to ignore that.
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Even with the recent struggles they've had, the Detroit Lions are in good position at 9-4. The playoffs, and a home playoff game, are virtual locks barring an absolute collapse over the final four games of the season. The big picture is important to keep in mind.

Jared Goff's recent struggles have been in the spotlight, to the point it's worth wondering if he's 100 percent healthy. He truly has accounted for nine turnovers over the last four games, even if a fumbled snap in Week 14 was not credited to him officially, and the Lions are 2-2 over that span.

Goff sat down with Dan Miller of Fox2 on Monday. He went in on the idea of using "cherry picked stats" to dismiss the Lions as a real contender.

"It’s not always perfect, and we’re fortunate enough to sit here with nine wins. A lot of teams would be happy to be at that place right now, but we gotta certainly do some things to play a little better ball the next few weeks,

"You cherry pick stats, ok, we’re 2-2 in the last four,” Cherry pick the last seven, cherry pick the last eight. You can do this all day.”

Let's "cherry pick" some recent Jared Goff stats

Style points have no value and the Lions are 9-4 with some things to clean up. Goff is fine to point all of that out. But let's "cherry pick" some stats. His own stats, over the last seven games-which he pointed toward himself.

Over the last seven games, Goff has an 86.9 passer rating with 10 touchdowns, seven interceptions and five fumbles (three lost, officially; could be six with four lost). A 103.6 passer rating against the Packers in Week 12 was only because Goff threw zero interceptions to go with his three lost fumbles.

The Lions are 4-3 in those seven games, but they could easily have one or two more losses. At least one more loss was firmly in play due directly to how badly Goff played for most of that game.

Narrow back to the last four games, and Goff has a 84.9 passer rating with more turnovers (nine, counting Week 14's fumbled snap) than touchdown passes (seven). It's true a continually banged up offensive line isn't doing him any favors. But he is not playing well, and that's a big concern for the Lions going forward.

Pointing out how Goff is struggling lately, for any and all of the reasons it is or may be happening, is not cherry picking. It's right there to see. But he would apparently like everyone to ignore it, as a critical stretch of the season really gets going for the Lions.


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