Former Lions wide receiver Herman Moore reveals how Jameson Williams can take next steps in his development

Former Lions star Herman Moore offered some tips for Jameson Williams.
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Jameson Williams is trying to find his way with the Detroit Lions, and it seems everyone has an opinion about what the young receiver must do to get on track and achieve stardom.

Many of those takes don't come with NFL playing experience, but one was presented that had weight. Herman Moore spent 10 years with the Lions, catching 62 touchdowns and making the Pro Bowl four times. So he knows what it takes to succeed as an NFL wide receiver, and many of those things are timeless.

In Williams, Moore sees a player who is talented and has plenty of potential. But as he cautioned, becoming a star won't happen overnight. Williams has work to do.

Here's Moore's rundown about Williams on Twitter.

Perhaps dissolving to becoming a body catcher has altered Williams' early path in the league. As Moore points out, missing time with injury hasn't helped.

There's a way Moore believes Williams can overcome some of his early struggels and break through.

Herman Moore: Jameson Williams could add a little bulk, should learn to trust hands

In terms of being able to compete at the NFL level, Moore sees a potential physical change for Williams, which may come naturally as he gets a little older.

While speed is a weapon for Williams, Moore thinks he could add some bulk and not sacrifice much of that. More Williams should learn to trust his hands.

The Lions will now have to wait to find out what changes Williams can make in what will now be a truncated second season. He's out for the preseason with a hamstring injury, and will miss the first six games of the regular season due to suspension.

As Williams plots a path forward in his development, Moore may be open to working with him in some capacity.

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