Detroit Lions' humbling loss to Lamar Jackson comes with major silver lining

The Detroit Lions were dominated by Lamar Jackson, but the good news is, he could be the last truly elite quarterback they will face the rest of the way.
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The Detroit Lions cruised into Week 7 with a top NFL record, but they ran into a familiar buzz saw in the form of the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson.

Jackson had a near flawless day as part of the Ravens' 38-6 romp over Detroit on Sunday, throwing for 357 yards and three touchdowns while also rushing for 36 yards and a score.

The defensive effort from the Lions was lackluster all day long, as Detroit allowed 503 yards, was pushed around and allowed chunk play after chunk play. Dan Campbell was concerned about a resurgent Jackson this week, and his fears were realized.

Amid all of the problems, though, there is good news. The Lions aren't likely to face a quarterback as dangerous as Jackson the rest of the season. A quick glance at the schedule by Colton Pouncy of The Athletic shows Detroit isn't exactly facing a murderers row of signal callers the rest of the way:

In addition, the Lions may not even face some of those quarterbacks due to injury or other situations playing out down the line. Justin Herbert and Dak Prescott are the most dangerous quarterbacks Detroit theoretically has left, and Kirk Cousins' general history against the Lions shouldn't be ignored.

With that in mind, it could be easier for the Lions to flush what happened in Baltimore and chalk it up to an elite performance from a virtuoso talent at the position.

Dan Campbell: Lamar Jackson's elusiveness stresses a defense

The former NFL MVP put on a show, and Campbell understood why the Lions struggled. He singled out Jackson specifically after the game as the difference maker in the matchup.

As Campbell said, he tipped his hat to Jackson for beating the Lions with his arm as well as his legs. Defense on Jackson is difficult, because he can always extend a play even when he is seemingly trapped.

"There was a number of plays where we've got him boxed in and it's long, we got him back there five or six seconds. It's hard to do Just keep squeezing, keep squeezing. It gets long, I commit and then he breaks out. You've already been covering long and that's what happens. That's why he's so dangerous."

Luckily for the Lions, a bad matchup for them is in the books now. After a tough day, they can take solace in that.

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