Dan Campbell reveals why stopping Lamar Jackson could now be a little more difficult

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell knows the challenge Lamar Jackson provides, with his legs and at a new level with his arm this season.
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The Detroit Lions will have their hands full with the Baltimore Ravens in Week 7, and a primary reason remains Lamar Jackson.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Campbell was asked if the prospect of Jackson keeps him awake at night. As he explained, while Jackson's role has changed some, he has improved as a passer, making him extra dangerous

"If I was dreaming about how to stop these guys, he'd be the first one I'd think of if I was coming out of a nightmare. He is dangerous. They don't ask him to do as much as he did before with his legs, but there's plenty of it still in there, and he's throwing it good. He's throwing the ball well and he's got guys making plays for him. If it's not there, he'll take off. He gets up the middle or the edge and he's going to hurt you, get a first down or an explosive. He's extremely dangerous as always. That's not changing now."

Jackson is completing a career-best 69.9 percent of his passes this season, with rookie wide receiver Zay Flowers and tight end Mark Andrews as his primary targets. Detroit's secondary and linebackers will face a challenge.

Dan Campbell explains how Baltimore Ravens' offense has changed

In the past, the Ravens have relied on Jackson running the ball a great deal to sustain their offense. Now, Campbell sees a much more diverse offense under new coordinator Todd Monken.

"They're still that same team. They're just a little bit different in some areas. Their offense is a little bit different than what it's been. It's not this Greg Roman run game per-se. There's still a little of it in there (but) there's more drop back pass. They have skill on the outside plus the tight end (Mark) Andrews. The offensive line is a solid crew in there."

All of that adds up to Jackson being a key to the matchup again. The Lions will not only have to respect his legs, but his arm.

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