Detroit Lions appear to tease an upcoming uniform change

After the unveiling an alternate helmet, the Detroit Lions have appeared to tease a uniform change.
Tom Szczerbowski/GettyImages

The Detroit Lions recently unveiled an alternate helmet for the coming season, albeit to somewhat mixed reviews. The main point of criticism was the pairing with the all-grey "Color Rush" jerseys, but some just don't like the new helmet at all.

On Monday morning, the Lions social media team offered what landed as another potential uniform-related tease.

"Black and Blue Division" is a reference to the nickname for the old NFC Central, which the Lions were a part of prior to realignment and the shift from six to eight divisions in the NFL. But maybe the "Black" part is where the focus should strictly be here.

The background the Lions new helmet is on in the above tweet is black. But maybe there's more to it, as Lions' jerseys? Or should we say, the return of black Lions' jerseys?

Are the Detroit Lions going to go back to black jerseys?

The Lions had black jerseys as an alternate color from 2004-2006. Long-awaited new uniforms may be coming as soon as 2024, so could going back to black be in play? The Lions can also change their "Color Rush" jerseys from the current gray, which will pair with the blue alternate helmets for this year.

In 2016, the Lions were going to go with all-black "Color Rush" uniforms. They were only used for Thursday night games back then. The Lions did not play a Thursday night game that year, so the all-blacks were never actually worn in a game. Then they switched to gray alternate jerseys, which have been accurately described by some people as looking like pajamas. A change to the "Color Rush" jersey wouldn't come until 2024.

The combination of the new blue helmet and the all-gray Lions' "Color Rush" jerseys is frankly ugly. But the new helmet with all-black jerseys would look pretty nice, even if Lions' fans are divided on the black jerseys as a bad memory of an ugly era in franchise history.

We may find out soon if the Lions are going to go back to black jerseys. Until then, we wait and speculate.

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