Dan Campbell sees a burgeoning 'two-headed monster' in Detroit Lions backfield

With room for both guys to succeed, Lions head coach Dan Campbell sees a "two-headed monster" in the team's backfield this year.

By most accounts, the Detroit Lions pivoted and upgraded their top two running backs spots with David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs. Montgomery is far more than a straight line runner like Jamaal Williams is, and Gibbs seems to have more sheer talent than D'Andre Swift; even before playing an NFL game.

There is room for Montgomery and Gibbs to both produce well in the Lions' backfield. Montgomery is lined up to be a workhorse and the goal line guy, while Gibbs is foreseen as a versatile, practically positionless weapon. A top-five offense in yardage and points last season has a higher ceiling this year with a new backfield duo.

The Lions clearly value the running back position. Perhaps more than any other team in the NFL, since they gave Montgomery a solid free agent deal and doubled-down by taking Gibbs No. 12 overall.

Dan Campbell sees Lions' backfield as a "two headed monster"

SiriusXM NFL Radio was at Lions' training camp this week. Here's what head coach Dan Campbell said about Montgomery and Gibbs.

"I think you need a back that you can push comes to shove, he can carry a load, somebody you feel like you can give the ball to 20-25 times a game potentially. And then you need that specialty guy that you know he's much more. You know, he carries the scalpel and he can slice you up. And he can hurt you in the pass game. Potentially. I'm talking about Gibbs obviously get him out there and do a few more things....So yeah I do see a two headed monster here.""

Dan Campbell

Campbell went back to his past, in New Orleans as as a coach (Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram) and as a player with the New York Giants (Ron Dayne, Tiki Barber), to cite examples of what he sees the Montgomery-Gibbs tandem as capable of doing.

It's possible Montgomery and Gibbs are on the field together for some snaps this season. In any case, offensive coordinator Ben Johnson surely has some yet to be unveiled plans for the duo.


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